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Rules 2023

Associazione “I Solisti Laudensi” based in Lodi since 1970, announces the “Franchino Gaffurio Prize 2023” dedicated to Franchino Gaffurio, famous composer and citizen of Lodi.

1) The competition is open to composers and musicians of all nationality with NO AGE LIMIT.


The scores and all documents listed at the rule 5 must be sent only by e-mail no later then by midnight of the 2 December 2023 to the following e-mail address:

specifying: “Franchino Gaffurio Prize 2023”


The submitted compositions, with no lenght limit, also published for:

– any kind of voice/voices (from solo voice to the choir) unaccompained

  • any kind of voice/voices (from solo voice to the choir) accompained by all kinds of instrumentation (organ, strings, orchestra, etc)

must be sent in PDF format.


Participation in the competition is subject to the payment – by bank transfer- of a registration fee (non refundable) of 75,00.

Each participant can compete for more than one composition by making a specific registration of each piece and by paying the related registration fee.


The documents to apply for the competition must be sent via e-mail within the terms indicated in the rule 2.

They must included:

Application form in PDF or JPG format fully filled and signed. (Application can be downloaded in this website)

Score in PDF format

Copy of a valid identity document or passport in PDF or JPG format

Curriculum Vitae in PDF format

Proof of the payment of the application fee for the competition


The Jury will be chaired by Maestro Ernesto Merlini, Founder of the Franchino Gaffurio Music Academy and “I Solisti Laudensi” Orchestra

and made up of renowed musicians, composers and artistic directors at the international level.

The Jury’s decisions are final and unappealable. It reserves the right not to award the prize if none of the compositions is considered worthy.

The Jury, with its unquestionable judgment , can also report one or more works.

The three winners will receive:

  • 1° awarded: €750,00 money prize, Diploma and performance of the composition
  • 2° awarded: €500,00 money prize, Diploma and performance of the composition
  • 3° awarded: €250,00 and Diploma

Concurrently with the publication of the results on the website, the composers declared winners will be notified by email within December 10th 2023


Nothing will be due by the competition organisation for the complete works and their use in occasion related to the performance. The composer of the winning work agrees to the work’s recording (television, radio and audio) and to its posting on websites, without any extra cost to the Associazione I Solisti Laudensi.

In accordance with article 13 of the GDPR 2016/679 (E.U. General Data Protection Regulation) we inform you that personal data provided by participants will be used solely for the purposes of the competition.


The organisation disclaims any liability in the event breach of copyright by competition.


Participation in the “Franchino Gaffurio Prize 2023” implies the unconditional acceptance by the participant of all the rules established by the competition announcement.

The organization reserves the right to modify the rules and the procedure for carrying out the competition in case of force majeure. In that case the organization will give prompt notification of any modification that may occur.

The decisions of the jury are final and cannot be appealed; jury members are not obliged to give any explanation to the participants for their decisions;

The participation fee will not be refunded for any reason, except only for the cancellation of the competition;

For any controversy the English text of the announcement must be considered;